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AEProbio Scientific Advisory Working Group (SAWG)

The Scientific Advisory Working Group is made up of a group of key opinion leaders in the field of probiotics. The role of this Working Group to share their opinions, suggestions, and insight in order to enhance the impact of the Probiotic Chart initiative. They provide feedback from their field of expertise to the impact and role the Probiotic Chart initiative

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Scientific Advisory Working Group Lead is Danielle Moore RD/Dt.P. 

Danielle is a dietitian with vast health marketing experience, having previously held senior management positions with Danone Canada, Nestlé Nutrition Canada and Abbott Laboratories. Currently, as Business Development Consultant in the food, nutraceutical & health sectors, her objective is to ensure that category messages are credibly supported and communicated, hence her continued interest for the Probiotic Guide project.

In her new appointment she will be responsible for leading the AEProbio Scientific Advisory Working Group (SAWG) and coordinating educational initiatives with key opinion leaders and members of the Alliance for Education on Probiotics.


The Probiotic Chart Initiative began in 2008 as a scientific and unbiased project to provide more information to healthcare providers about probiotic products available in Canada. More

Initially, the author (Dragana Skokovic-Sunjic), prepared a short summary of the evidence to date linking available products to indications for use. In 2008, the Clinical Guide to Probiotic Products was distributed as a Canada-wide CME on probiotics. In the following years, there was an overwhelming response to this Guide and demand for an updated reference was identified. This led to the annual review process, which necessitated the involvement of expert reviewers in the field of probiotics. The preparation and review of the Guide has always been done independent of industry influence.

Publishing and distribution efforts required the involvement of industry partners. Each industry partner would individually license the use of the Clinical Guide. With a growing list of industry partners, a new publishing model was needed. A coordinated publishing structure was formed, as the Alliance for Education on Probiotics, or AEP (founded by Caroline Chevrier) in 2015.

Over the years, the Probiotic Chart Initiative has expanded beyond Canada to the United States and resulted in an increased demand for various promotional materials, such as printed materials, websites, and mobile applications.

In 2018, AEP transition to AEProbio™ under the parent company of BH Soft Inc.