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What is the Probiotic Guide

This Clinical Guide is designed to translate scientific evidence available for probiotic products to practical, clinically relevant information. It is intended to be used as clinical decision-making tool, enabling clinicians to easily select the appropriate product, dose, and formulation for a specific indication.

Currently, the body of evidence for probiotic interventions is growing along with popular demand for these products. There is evidence to support the use of probiotic products for a variety of indications beyond gut health, however applications and results are strain-specific.
Due to frequent changes in commercial availability of probiotic strains, new published evidence and growing research, an annual review and updates of this Clinical Guide have been conducted since 2008. A general lack of adverse effects attributable to probiotics supports the wide use of these products, but ongoing investigation is recommended.

The Probiotic Guide is available online as web sites dedicated to Canadian and USA markets. Each guide is also available as downloadable applications in Google Play and Apple Store. The Probiotic Guide is also available as printed booklet.

Canadian Probiotic Guide

US Probiotic Guide

Below are some videos outlining how to use both the printed booklet, and the online version of the guide.

Printed Booklet

Online Version